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Javon Johnson - "cuz he's black" (NPS 2013) - YouTube

Prentice Powell Performs 'Good Father' - YouTube

N.Y. PEN. LAW § 165.00 : NY Code - Section 165.00: Misapplication of property  (Created with @tweegram app)

Police Brutality…

A loss of life will always be a tragic thing. It is unfortunate that a number of police officers continue to use poor judgement while doing their job. I will say that the job of a police officer is a difficult one and it takes a tremendous amount of work to do such a job.

Seeing so many people in the black community have such a dislike for authority is very concerning. Not all cops are bad just as not all minorities are criminals.

If you are approached by the police do not allow yourself to become the next victim of police brutality. There is a gentleman who has lost his life recently, and it could have been avoided. There is always a time and place to express your feeling of being harassed by the police. On the streets is not the place. You will always loose that battle. We have to be smarter than that. You can not challenge the cops and win in the heat of the moment. Take the ticket or get arrested but you will live to see another day. Make your complaints call an attorney after the fact. But if we are to stop becoming a victim to police brutality DO NOT RESIST! Comply with directions and live to fight another day